New Site is going live in......

Posted on Dec 08, 2015 , by: Hyphen Admin

The new site is going live on 1-1-2016. Currently, the site is in development mode and no one can read this. However, I figured that someone just might read the blog roll and see that on December 8th, 2015 I was thinking about the future of   :)

What happened to the old blog? Honestly, I was going through it.... and, well it was just pure half A$$ed crap. So I pitched it. The best articles on the that blog were the three articles I wrote about administering PTC's Windchill application. I had a white paper published for about 6 months, but Microsoft didn't like how I went into so much detail for configuring your SQL server to help improve performance of the application. DOH! It's ok though PTC took my recommendations, and added it to their configuration guide.test